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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Aubrey's Loonie

Tonight I went to client event with Aubrey and Bill. As Aubrey and I left I said "oh, I don't know if I have loonie". Aubrey said oh I have one. So Aubrey said lets go hide it and I will take a picture.
So we walked up the street and found the address of a building written out in brass letters. Aubrey said "lets stick it in there in the E" As we were doing it this guy comes up and says "what you doing?" To Aubrey he says "you look guility of something". She said "no, it's not like we are hiding a bomb or anything just hiding a loonie". So i told him that i hide a loonie somewhere cool everyday so someone will find it". Probably a smoker will be standing outside the building smoking tomorrow and turn around and see the loonie and think WOW i found a buck, cool.

I said " you can take the buck if you want it when we leave". He said "no, but i have a nice butt and you can see it for free. (I still don't know what his butt had to do with us hiding a loonie???)So he turns around and pulls up his jacket and shows us his butt. I take a look and say yup it sure is nice. (not that it really was but why hurt his feelings right?).

He says to Aubrey "you still look suspicious". We say bye and walk away and he he still talking to us saying "oh your cute, lol". We just walk away laughing and look back to see if he took the money, but he left it there for someone else.
It was fun is all I can say.
Ps will post the picture once Aubrey send it to me!


Heather said...

that's too funny.

Zoë said...

haha that's so random. Why would he offer that? Bizarre. This Loonie thing is pretty cool. Heather showed me your Blog yesterday.