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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Canada wins in Shoot out in Hockey

"Think of giving not as a duty, but as a privilege" John D. Rockefeller

Today I had a safety course outside Calgary in Balzac. This past August a giant mall opened on the edge of this small town called CrossIron Mills. I went there today after my course to shop. I figured I would give away my Loonie at the mall. After walking around for a couple hours I found those kiddie rides that used to cost maybe 25 cents to ride when I was a kid. Well with inflation it costs a buck now. PEEEEEERFECT I thought. I put a Loonie inside the little car. I so hope a little kid gets in the car and they can use the Loonie to go for a ride. WOOHOO.

If you want to send a CHEER to the Canadian team at the Olympics you can go to . You can send an online postcard.

Act of Service idea for the day: pay for a friend or a stranger's dinner.

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Heather said...

thats a great place to leave your dollar