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Thursday, February 11, 2010


"Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas" Dale Evans

Today is about change. Today I moved back into my old office I hadn't been in for over a year. I was given a new position at work. I am now working for two departments and not totally sure what I am going to be doing. But change is good right. I attracted this into my life. it's all good.

Change, all I had was change today no Loonies just some quarters and dimes. I had exactly $1.03. Now I have 3 cents. I was very merry all day at work with the excitement of the new opportunities that are unfolding for me in the office. I happily walked towards home holding my 2 quarters and 5 dimes in my mitts like little kids do lol. Where am I going to put this stack of change? I thought about this spot I pass every morning on the way to work. The stop light at 10th and 9th across from the Armory. There is a post at the light that used to be part of a fence and part of the cap from the old fence is attached on the side of the post. It's like a drink holder for your beer on the folding lawn chairs. I always thought that would be a good place to put a buck. But better yet a great place for a pile of change. Tomorrow morning when I go to work I sure hope it isn't there.
See didn't I tell you change is good :)

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