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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Good evening
I am sorry to say yesterday I missed giving away a dollar. So I made it up today and gave away two.
First of all I would like to say that I think it is weird that since I started giving away money I have not had one person on the street ask me for spare change, because if I did have someone ask and I haven't given my dollar away I would give it to them in an instant no matter what they were going to do with it. So I will let you know when I do get asked the first time.
So Aubrey and I went to Chinook Mall today for shopping and on the way we stopped to wash her car.I had just explained that it is hard to get enough loonies to give away. You see I use an online bank and so I can't just go in and ask for a roll of Loonies. Aubrey had to stop at the car wash and low and behold they had a change machine. Cha ching "change" I am set for a while.
We got to the mall and I said I have to give away two today.Aubrey you can give away one and me the other. We forgot about it until the end of the shopping trip. We were across from Chapters book store and Aubrey says we can hide them in books. Great Idea.(I think Aubrey is having as much fun at this as me when she helps) So I gave Aubrey a Loonie and I kept the other and I said put it in a book that means something to you or in your favourite book. I headed to the children's section to find the best kids book ever (okay one of the best) "Where the Wild Things Are" and picked up a pristine copy and stuck the Loonie inside and put it back on the shelf, secretly hoping a little kid would find it.
I found Aubrey in the Self help section stuffing books back in the shelf.I asked which book did you put it in so I could write in here.It was Dr. Wayne Dyer "10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace". She then had some books in her hand that I couldn't see and said she found some books she wanted to buy. At the cash register she asked me which environmental bag I like the best. So she went up to the counter and bought her books. As we walked out of the store she said "happy birthday Nancy". She had bought me that same Wayne Dyer book and another book called " The Language of Letting Go". I felt the love :)
While I was waiting for her to buy her books I was looking at the stuff around the cash registers and found a little box tittled "the desktop heads of Easter Island". Inside are small stone heads of Easter Island. I plan to put them on the desk of my new office. Since I will have a new position at work soon. I plan to go to Easter Island this Fall and these little guys will give me inspiration. I think i was meant to find them. I need to name the 4 heads so if you have a suggestion let me know.
As a side note we went to this new Greek Restaurant in Calgary. We saw what looked like a yuumy appetizer feta and spinach stuffed into Calamari. Sounds yummy huh??????? It was just as it sounded a giant piece of squid stuffed with green and white mixture. As Aubrey said I almost choked trying to get it down. It was brutally bad. I can still taste it even after the shots of Ouzo the owner gave us. So keep this in mind if you see this on a menu. DON'T trust the waitress when she says it is good. On the other hand the rest of the food was very good.


Heather said...

Was the calamari Cooked? otherwise, I would have thought it would be good.

Nice birthday present. Good choices by Aubrey

Nancy said...

It was cooked but not good trust me lol