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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gift with Purchase

At work today my co-worker Paul came up and said I told my son about your blog and what you were doing and he liked the idea so much he went and hid a Loonie. But Paul wouldn't tell me where it was.
I asked Paul today if he found any money today. He said NOT!
I told him all the places that I had placed Loonies that hadn't been claimed. He said "after about 300 days and $300 left hidden around you will go back when you need money one day and retrieve them". "Not a chance" I said. I am amused that they haven't been found they aren't hidden that hard.
So today as I walked home I was thinking where am I going to hide it today. I was off to the Co-op grocery store and had a bright idea. A gift with purchase usually means you get a sample of a product the company makes. Today you get a buck. Almost like a rebate but you don't have to wait weeks while you mail off the form and the receipts and receive the cheque for $1 in the mail lol.
I love chocolate and figured that was the place to hide it. So I found a Dove Milk chocolate bar, checked up and down the aisle to see if anyone was watching and slipped the Loonie down the back of the cardboard wrapper and placed it back on the shelf. I am sure I looked suspicious to the security team watching on the cameras. lol.
As I walked away the first thing I thought was it that considered food tampering, adding a germ covered coin in a package of chocolate? Hum well it's too late now unless I buy that bar. No one will know it was me unless they are reading this blog and since there is only one follower who lives in Ontario who is my sister I think I am in the clear.

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Heather said...

oh my goodness, i better start shopping for that Dove chocolate right now and be fast and find it before anyone else.