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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

"Charity begins at home and justice begins next door" Charles Dickens
Happy birthday to me :)
Lest night I missed writing my blog and giving away a dollar. I was taken for birthday drinks after work which lead to more drinks at my place where we ended up watching the Olympic opening ceremonies. Today I made up for it.
Bring my birthday means I can and have anything that I want. Well I wanted a yummy breakfast at The Galaxy Diner around the corner. So off I went.I was alone so sat at the counter with some random people. I had yummy fattening salmon eggs benny on a croissant with hash browns. What could be better really. As I sat there I thought I need to give away 2 dollars today. So when I got my bill and figured out my tip I then added an extra dollar to the tip. So there was one buck gone what about the other?
As I walked home I thought well today is the 13th. So I need to incorporate the dollar with 13. So I walked up 13th ave looking for 13th Street. What a good place to leave it at 13th and 13th. Well I guess 13th Street doesn't go that far. So at the place I thought it should connect I just left the Loonie on the sidewalk. It is probably found by now woohoo. Who says the number 13 isn't lucky come see me. :)
So I am about the go for Thai food for my birthday dinner and then to laugh our heads off at Yuk Yuks comedy club.
Have a wonderful night I will.


Heather said...

happy birthday little sister

Zoƫ said...

Happy Belated birthday Aunty!!!