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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lonnie in Wall

Tonight I went to a client appreciation event with our corporate travel agent FCM Travel. I was sitting with Paul and remembered i still had my Loonie for the day. As i pull out the Loonie Paul smiles and starts looking around at where I can put it and looks at the wall of loosely cemented brick.I look too and there is a perfect ledge to sit it on.
Corrina is watching and is wondering what i am doing.I explain to her about giving away a dollar a day. She looks at it and wants to take it and i say no you can't someone has to find it. Then Paul says hey you are supposed to give it away with no conditions so she could take it if she wants. Of course Paul was right so i said yup you can take it if you want.
It was still there when we left and maybe Corrina did take it maybe not. It doesn't matter someone will find it.
Paul took a picture but i couldn't get it to upload.
What have you done for the world today?
Have a great one.

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