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Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday February 1st.
Since I started doing this I have started to tell friends and co-workers what I am doing and now they share there stories of things they do. Like my two friends were with me when I hid the Lonnie in Banff and the next week they were excited to go back and see if the Loonie on the wall was gone. It was but that's okay hopefully it came in handy for soomeone.
My friend Tanya was staying over and was asking me where I was going to put my Loonie tomorrow when we were in the elevator and I said I was going to leave one on the ledge in the elevator but couldn't reach. She is taller than me and reached up and put a loonie in that same spot. She emailed me today excited to ask me if hers was gone, it was.

I am always telling my co-worker at work where I hid the Loonies and then telling him when I check on them if they are still there. So today he told me he taped a Lonnie somewhere in my office and said I WILL find it. So I went back to my office almost straining my neck to stare at every spot on the ceiling. I have not found it yet, but it is almost like a scavenger hunt. Fun for both of us.
So before I left work today I hide a dollar in his office and we shall see when he finds it.

A dollar a day is not a lot of money but I get a lot of joy out of finding a creative place to hide it each day and that is worth at least a dollar for my amusement. Then there is the happiness in just giving something away to a random stranger.
What have you done for others today?
Have yourself a great day!!!!!


Heather said...

This is a wonderful idea. I loved reading where you have left your loonies. I need to get myself a roll of coins so I can join in the fun.

Marie said...

This is pretty cool. I'm now following your blog so that I can keep up with your adventures.

Keep up the good work.

[Heather sent me.]

Elaine said...

What an interesting idea!
What adventures you will have
to write about!

Everything we give-God seems to
give it back with interest!
I know you will have a blessed
and prosperous year!

I'm inpsired-think how many folks
YOU are inspiring to do great things!!!
God bless and I'll be checking it!

Elaine << who is going to write
about this on her blog!!!
Writing to Encourage YOU!

Nancy said...

Thanks ladies for your support. It is fun and I hope the people that find the dollars are happy.
I do believe what you put out in the world is what you get back.
Have a marvelous day.

Todd said...

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for spreading the joy and surprise of unconditional giving - while having a little fun along the way!!