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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Red Cross

"So I would hope they would develop some kind of habit that involves understanding that their life is so full they can afford to give in all kinds of ways to other people. I consider that to be baseline spirituality" Susan Sarandon

I missed writing my blog last night but I gave away my Loonie. I wasn't feeling well so went to bed right after I got home. I didn't even stay up for my date with Jack Bauer (24 TV Show), if you knew me you know I LOVE Jack and never miss watching him.
I have found that since I started giving away my Loonie and have been talking about it with others I find out the good things that others do. Like my co-worker. We stepped out for a bit to celebrate his and my birthdays. I told him about what I do. I told him that since I have started this I haven't had one person ask me for spare change which I still find weird. He said he gets asked all the time but he doesn't give them money but will buy them lunch or a coffee.
Other people I tell just think I am weird that I give away a dollar to strangers. Well I say it makes me feel good and it's fun.
So on the way home yesterday I left my Loonie in the ticket tray on the CTrain. In Calgary our train is called the CTrain. When you buy a ticket the ticket comes out in a little windowed box. I put my dollar in there. The price of the CTrian has gotten expensive so I subsidized someones ride :)
Today I stayed home because I was still sick. But I needed to go out and get some chicken soup and medicine. But I knew I wanted to give my dollar away. It just happens that there is a Red Cross between my condo and the grocery store. So I went in the Red Cross and left my dollar in the waiting area of the blood donor section. On the way home I looked to see if it was gone.I had just done that and this lady walks by me and says "that's a really nice coat" It is my 6 year old coat that I had made. I think that the complement was in return for me giving away my dollar. When you give away money or things you don't always get something back but when you do you may get back something totally different than what you gave.
Since I have been giving away my dollar I have received lots of things, like a promotion at work, on my birthday I don't usually get birthday cakes but this year I got TWO, I also got money and lots of wonderful gifts. Lots of good things have come my way and I feel very blessed.

Todays act of service: donate blood

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