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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Mitts

"No one has become poor by giving" Anne Frank.
Yesterday I asked in my blog for suggestions on where to put my Loonie and my sister suggested to put one in an Olympic Mitt.
In case you aren't Canadian and don't know the Hudson Bay Company is dressing the Canadian Athletes at the games. They are selling these Olympic Mitts as seen above for $10. Four dollars from each sale goes to help Canadian athletes. The store couldn't keep the mitts on the shelf. By the beginning of January at least 1,000,000 pairs of mitts had been sold. Approximately equalling one in 35 Canadians have a pair of mitts. Over $4 million dollars has been donated to Canadian athletes. Way to go Canada!!!!!!!
So today at lunch I walked over to The Bay Store to find the Olympic mitts to hid my Loonie in. The Olympic section was teaming with shoppers. As I slid my Loonie into a pair of mitts 3 ladies stood around me trying them on. Maybe one of them found my Loonie as I walked away.
The picture with the fish I took in early January in Kenora Ontario. I was driving from Kitchener Ontario to Calgary Alberta while the the Olympic flame followed us on it's journey across the country. The Flame was coming to Kenora the next day. Kenora is known for the world biggest Husky fish. As we drove by on the Trans Canada Highway we saw these giant mitts swinging from the mouth of the fish. It was the perfect Kodak moment to good to pass up even in the negative 29 degree Celsius weather.
Go Canada Go!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Heather said...

To tell you the truth, Nancy really was driving from my house in Conestogo. visit my site for a chance to win a pair of these wonderfully warm mittens.