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Monday, February 1, 2010

I became inspired to begin giving away a dollar a day after viewing the website The paragragph below comes from this site.

"Give Away A Dollar A Day is the fun and simple way of opening your life up for more abundance and prosperity to flow. It's just like it sounds - you give away one dollar, every day. The best way to do this is anonymously, and in a public place. But what really makes this practice so genuine and empowering is that you decide where and how to give away your dollar - not to us, but to whomever and however you want."

This week I had an inspiration to share my experiences of giving away a dollar a day.
I started giving away a dollar a day on January 5th.

I had no idea where I should put my first dollar (Loonie, I am Canadian and we don't have dollar bills :) ) It was a freezing cold January day and I had just arrived home from driving from Kitchener Ontario to Calgary, Alberta; three long days and nights in negative 29 degree weather. Being tired and lazy I didn't want to go too far to hide the first dollar. When i went downstairs to get my mail i noticed a ledge above the boxes. Perfect I thought. The first Loonie was laid. I was pretty excited thinking about who would find it and would they smile and say "yeah i found a buck?" or say "what's a dollar doing up there?" I just hoped they were happy.
I came down the next day to go to work and was disappointed to find the Loonie was still there. By the end of the day it was gone.
So the fun had began. I am not sure if I am really doing this right. I have made this a fun thing. I like to give the money away but want to have fun doing it and don't want to make it too easy to find the Loonie. I want people to discover them. It's fun for me to find a place to put it on the way home from work. If I pass by the same way I check to see if it is gone and if it is I wonder who found it and sometimes hope it was a homeless person or someone that really needed it. But that's the thing I will never know will I?
So where have I hidden them so far? Window ledges on the way home, in the rungs of bus benches, in the elevator in my condo, on the rock wall in the parking lot on Banff, in the arm of a sculpture, under a box of Chocolate Lucky Charms (I was hoping a little kid would pick up the box and find the money), in the pockets of pants I tried on at Winners, in the curves of the letters on the sign on the wall of a store, on top of the parking meter, in the cutouts in the legs of the furniture in the lobby of my building, in the cabinet where the fire extinguisher is.
I have gone back and looked to see if the loonies are gone. The loonies in the letters on the wall, the Loonie in the leg of the furniture, the Loonie on the window sill down the street the 4 quarters on the window sill down stairs are all still there.

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Teddy Elaine Quilts said...

For the cost of a dollar a day, you sure are having lots of fun.
I enjoy reading about your adventures of finding the perfect place to leave your loonie.