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Monday, March 1, 2010

Canada wins 14 gold medals

"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us" Albert Schweitzer

Well my computer has been acting up and not doing what it should be. Today it's in a good mood and I could actually open something useful.
I may not have been writing but I still have been giving away my Loonies.
Friday on the way home I passed by the Armory and left my Loonie on an army tank. I went by last night and it was gone.
Saturday was a lovely warm day in Calgary and I went for a walk. I had heard a great bagpipe player and so wanted to give him my dollar for the day but the road was so busy it would have been dangerous to cross. So I continued on. As I crossed over the Bow River on the bridge I decided to leave a Loonie in one of the lookouts on the bridge. I took some pictures but couldn't get them to download with my silly computer acting up.
Saturday night my friend Aubrey and I went to a charity event at Canada Olympic Park. It was great. You would have thought you were in Vancouver since they have a cauldron lit with the Olympic Flame and the Olympic Flag waving proudly at the top of the hill beside the ski jump.
I knew I had to leave a Loonie there somewhere. The cauldron had a podium in front of it just like at the Olympics with Gold, Silver and Bronze. I went and left the Loonie at the top of the Gold medal platform. I figured it would be good luck for the men's hockey team who were playing the next day.
Well the Men's hockey team did beat the USA 3 to 2. So my Loonie did bring good luck.
Apparently someone buried 5 Lucky Loonies in the curling rink ice and our men's team won Gold.
Also a Loonie was buried on the ski hill where we won a gold. the Loonie is lucky. Woohoo!
After the men's team won Gold I headed outside to 17th Ave also known as the Red Mile. (In Calgary 17th Ave runs perpendicular to the Pengrowth Saddledome. Whenever the Calgary Flames are in the Stanley Cup playoffs and they win the game , fans spill out onto the Red Mile to celebrate. Yesterday the Red Mile was once again red with Canadian shirts, jackets, hats, mitts, flags etc etc). I walked down the street with friends high fiving every other person. I ran across a busker playing the guitar. I asked him if he could play O'Canada and if he could I would throw in a dollar. He said yup, as long as us girls sang. So an impromptu rendition of O'Canada broke out on the street. It was so much fun.

Act of Service for today: Write letters of support to military personnel serving overseas.

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