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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tea Cup Ladies

"Revenge is profitable, gratitude is expensive" Edward Gibbon
I haven't been writing about my Loonie give away but have been giving them away.
My co-worker Joe takes all his penny's in his pocket every day and leaves them on an empty desk for the cleaners. Every morning they are gone. Every little penny counts in the end they all add up.
I left my Loonie on Thursday in the fingers if one of the Ladies in the picture above. These Ladies are on the back of the Canadian $50 dollar bill. As you can see in the written word these 5 ladies changed the course of life in Canada for women by making them became persons in the eye of the government.
My sister suggested I leave a Loonie here.
I went to see Avatar last night and before we left I put my Loonie in the cup holder for the next person who came along. The other day I left my Loonie in the mental health break fund at the fast food place I ate at.
Act of service for the day: bake cookies and give to someone just because you can and care.

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Heather said...

HI Nancy, Thanks for leaving a loonie here. As women we need to remember the struggle it took for us to gain the rights we now enjoy and must strive to ensure that no person/politician can ever take them away from us and our daughters.