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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

[D]on't pray when it rains if you don't pray when the sun shines.
New York Post, October 4, 1959 Leroy [Satchel] Paige:

Today my co-worker told me a story. He is a fly fisherman and he guides people on the Bow River. He said he donated two trips to the Calgary Counseling Centre where his wife works for their silent auction. "He said I think I gave too much." I asked him why. His wife took in the two trips to donate and the lady at the desk collecting the donation said "wow, I brought in 6 brownies to donate." Paul said that most people donate baked goods. He said he raised over $400 for each trip and it was the highest they had ever raised at an auction. I thought this was wonderful. It is so great that he gives so much. But most important is to give what you can. Maybe the lady that gives brownies is giving all that she can. The important point is that she is giving. The size of the gift doesn't matter.

I gave away a loonie today and yesterday and the day before. Easter Sunday I left my loonie in the display of Cadbury Easter eggs. Monday I was at the big Mall in Balzac after my class and I left a loonie in the copy of the Secret at Chapters. Today as I walked home I left the 4 quarters in the parking payment machine on the street.

Act of Service for the day: next time you in line to pay for parking at an event or where ever pay for the person behind you.

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