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Monday, September 20, 2010

ACDC Book Contest

"Life is like a combination lock; your job is to find the right numbers, in the right order, so you can have anything you want." Brian Tracy

Today I am home sick. I will not be going anywhere except from my bed to my couch. So I am asking whoever is reading this out there to do me a favour. Can someone leave a dollar/loonie somewhere for me today and then let me know the details and let me know how it made you feel or what happened. Please and thanks.

My sister has a BLOG about quilts and books and recipes and other various stuff. She has a contest on right now to win an ACDC book. I have pasted the link to the contest below. Please have a look and enter the contest. She is asking what your favourite ACDC song is, it's that simple.
Act of service for today: hold the door open for the person behind you.

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Heather said...

Hi Nancy,
Hope you're feeling better today. Thanks for posting the link to my contest. I am looking forward to all sorts of entries from around the world.