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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Still Giving away a dollar a day!

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"

To those that have been following my blog I apologize that my laptop of 11 years worked really hard for me for many years but I had to trade her in for a newer version. I appreciate that my last laptop lasted me for so many years.

I may not have been writing in my blog but I have still been giving away a loonie everyday.
Just the other day I was leaving a store I intentionally took a loonie out of my wallet to leave somewhere on the walk home. When I left the store I was juggling many shopping bags in my hands. I inadvertently dropped my purse. I had no idea and I continued walking home. I had gone at least 100 metres when this young man came running towards me from inside the Wendy's restaurant. He said mamm you dropped your purse and started running towards the store I had just left. I then saw another young man run out of the other door of Wendy's and went to pick up my purse and give it back to me. I was very grateful for their help. It made me really have faith in humanity.
I believe that because I was on my way to leaver some money for someone else to find I was spared the loss of my purse. If I had not been ready to give the loonie away maybe the outcome would have been different.

Since I have been giving away my loonies I have had so many good things come my way, free tickets to Aerosmith, free stay in a condo in Kimberley BC, free tickets to a CFL game, many free dinners/lunch, great deal on a weeks rental car, free tickets to the rodeo and chuck wagons during the Calgary Stampede and many many more things. I am very blessed.

Act of Service for the Day: leave some food in the food bank bin at the grocery store.

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