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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why do bad things happen to nice people??

"it's time to start living the life you've imagined" Henry James

The other morning a young girl in my office was walking to work and a car pulled up. The man got out and came up to her with a knife and said "give me all your stuff." Meanwhile the woman got out of the car and stood behind my co-worker while the man took her stuff, then the woman padded her down to make sure she didn't have anything of value in her pockets.

Pretty scary stuff seeing that it happened to someone I work with and it was only blocks away from where I live myself.

We were all shocked to hear this in the office. The most important part was that she was okay. You can get stuff back, it's just stuff.

Well I sat at my desk all morning and thought about this and thought what could we do to make my co-worker feel better. she has been pretty upset since and not made it into work. So i thought we should make a collection in the office so she would have money to replace her stolen, purse, wallet, shoes, ipod and re key her apartment. I went around the office and asked people to contribute. Everyone I asked in the office gave from their heart. Everyone gave what they could afford. Even company employees who were visiting from other locations gave something even though they don't know her. I managed to collect $540 so far in a day and a half. Wow. I am so proud of all my coworkers for coming together when it counts to help one of their own out. This is truly giving. it made me feel good to work in a place where people care about each other.

I can't wait to see the look on my co-workers face when she returns to work and we present her with the donations. It won't erase what happened but will add some happiness to her day and if we get a smile from her then it's worth it.

Act of service for the day: pay for the person's coffee behind you in line at the drive through.

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