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Friday, March 4, 2011

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Thank you

I enjoyed giving away a dollar a day last year. It was fun to find a place to leave each loonie and wonder how long it would take for someone to find it. I hid a loonie in my coworkers office about 8 months ago and he never found it. He is moving to a new job and tomorrow he said he will find the loonie. It was taped under his keyboard all this time. So Paul if you are reading this you will know where to look. So close but yet so far away.

I still give away loonies when in a good location that merits it. But this January 1st I started a new resolution to send a thank you card everyday. So far so good. Many of my thank you cards have been sent to my friends or family for doing something really nice to me, like for presents, or dinners or for just being so darn fantastic to me. It seems the more thank you cards I send the more things happen to me to be grateful for. Some days I could write way more than the one card.

I just don't send thank yous to friends but to companies, politicians, authors, or stores. If I think of something that I am thankful for and I can send a card I do. I have sent cards to Smarties, Hawkins Cheesies, the Mayor of Calgary, Clive Cussler, Ellis Pecans for example.

Recently I had my birthday and I received an offer for a free bar of homemade soap from the Rocky Mountain Soap Company for a birthday present. So I sent them a thank you for the soap. I really appreciate this bar of soap each year. Then they had an event in the store that if you brought in an old lip gloss they would give you a free lip gloss from their new collection of natural lip glosses. I wrote up a thank you for the lip gloss and went downstairs and mailed it. It was about a half hour later when the receptionist came up to me and said I have a box for you that smells really good. It was a box of soaps and lip glosses and hand lotion from Rocky Mountain Soap. they liked my thank you letter and thought they would send me some more things to try. I was floored. I thought this was the nicest thing. It really made my day.

So on the way home I dropped by Purdy's chocolates and bought some Hedgehogs and the next day mailed them to the shipper at Rocky Mountain Soap Company to thank her for the nice surprise. I hope I made her day.

It is so important to be grateful for everything we have in life regardless how big or little it is. So I challenge anyone that is reading this today to send a thank you card for something or to someone and make their day.


Heather said...

Great story. I'm glad you have shared it.
I will work on the Thank-you.

Miss Marvelous said...

That's so cool Nancy! I loved getting my thank you card from you and so did Adelle. It's a neat way to let the universe know how grateful you are.

Todd Silva said...

Hi Nancy,

I hope you are doing well. Are you still using this blog? Please let me know.